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On the Path of Spiritual Work
by sHEALy

Energy work, angel communications, light work or any other type of spiritual work is an “all of the time” activity. While it is important for a practitioner of spiritual pursuits to study, lecture, meditate and work to increase abilities, it is just as important to “live” and put ones spiritual beliefs into actual physical practice. For those of us who are on the path of spiritual work the first place our services are needed is within our family, community, world and then planet.

art by Linda Ravenscroft

We will find that if we put aside the heavy spiritual philosophies and simply become involved with day to day activities, opportunities for spiritual interventions and growth will present them selves to us. These occasions are everywhere and even the spiritual practitioner with the most sincere intentions might sometimes overlook a dire and necessary spiritual intervention if too involved with ones own spiritual growth.

As an author, columnist, intuitive reader and energy worker, I find that I am often performing spiritual deeds for many individuals. And because this is my calling and my chosen path, I am grateful for all of my clients.

I have grown connected to many clients over the years. I have taught many individuals to live a happier and healthier life. And, I have mentored many to work in the spiritual field. However, I have discovered the most personally satisfying spiritual adventure is the serendipitous event, the one that our magical Universe plops upon our laps or in front of our feet as we walk our spiritual path.

Today, a bright summer afternoon, just one of these least expected events made its way into my life. And, I could not refuse the offer to experience a delicious taste of the Universe in all of her splendor. While traveling home driving in my bright red SUV, my eye glanced to the left side of the road and there beginning his own spiritual walk was the biggest snapping turtle I have seen in quite a while. First, taking one big step into the busy street, he headed toward his destination.

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