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The Eternal Life Force with Lauren McLaughlin

Lauren McLaughlin

Lauren McLaughlin is part of a team of thousands of teachers on the planet at this time, whose purpose is to remind those who wish to remember that they are deeply and dearly loved by the creator and sustainer of all life, that the answers to the most important questions they have are carefully stored in their own heart, and that they deliberately chose the human experience for the sheer fun of it.

Lauren is an ordained Unity Minister, a writer, speaker, and retreat facilitator who is currently living happily-ever-after with her husband, John, in Clearwater, Florida.

Learn more about the Eternal Life Force with Lauren's new book Go to Elf!

A gift for the audience from Lauren:

In the book Go to Elf! One of the tools that The ELF offers Tony and Frankie to help them conquer forever their ingrained feelings of “not good enough” is a powerful list of Spirit-fed AFFIRMATIONS.

When these 12 “statements of Truth” are repeated 12 times a day for 12 weeks, they will help to elevate feelings of self worth, conscious and subconscious.

Lauren will be delighted to send a copy of these Powerful Affirmations to anyone who e-mails her at

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