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Ritual Interlude: Crone’s Ceremony of Commitment to Her Community
by Susun Weed

Excerpt from New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way, Alternative Approaches to Menopause for Women 30-90 by Susun S. Weed

As the menopausal years draw to a close and you find yourself more stable in your new self, feeling more like your “old self” as you become your older self, it is time to manifest the last stage of initiation: rebirth.

You've spent time in some form of isolation as you journeyed the unpredictable years of

Woman of Peace

menopause. You have given death to your images of yourself as Maiden, as Mother. You have crowned yourself, or been crowned as, Crone. Your metamorphosis is complete. Now comes the time to return to your community. To assume your new roles.

You return as Crone. You hold your wise blood inside. You have learned how to spiral the updrafts of hot flashes. You have learned detachment in the midst of emotional hurricanes.

You have submitted yourself to chaos and have witnessed the most ancient of all mysteries. How can you share this with your community?

In the days of the matriarchy, and in some matrifocal cultures yet, a woman who has completed her menopausal metamorphosis initiates young men into the ways of love play most pleasing to women.

She is honored as the teller of truth and the keeper of peace. She is the one the tradition keeper and the people's link to the spirit world.

Today, there are no givens. We are each free to choose our own role as Crone. A ritual of commitment helps others know what your new roles will be.

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