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Spiritual Encounters with Hawks, contd.
by Catherine Bastedo

When I published Bird Vibes last year, the large dead birds stopped dropping onto my literal and spiritual path. The messages of my cards went far and wide as the orders came in from Europe, across Canada and the United States. When I went up to my cottage for the summer, the dead branch had fallen off the ash tree and there were no hawks around. The song birds were back and a beautiful Eastern Phoebe had made her nest on the ledge of the veranda. Over the summer my family and I loved watching both parents feeding the two broods she had, and we were delighted to see the last four fledglings take their first hesitant flight in early August.

We closed the cottage at the end of the summer and headed back to Gatineau, where I often see a sparrowbeautiful Red-tailed Hawk circling above. One day near the end of October, just before the birds started to migrate, a small White-throated Sparrow crashed into our kitchen window, despite the stickers we used to try to make the glass obvious.

The sparrow was badly hurt, and I gave it some gentle Reiki, and drops of water off the tip of my finger. It lifted its head and peeped at me, fluttered its wings, and bravely tried to fly, but its wing was too badly broken--it careened under a bush, where it laid its little head on a slender twig and died.

The next day a Slate-coloured Junco showed up dead on my front porch, again in perfect condition. But perhaps it was just their time and they were not able to take the long flight south. I like to think that they came to my house to die in a safe spot. I blessed them and buried them at the bottom of the yard, next to the Bleeding Heart.

A week ago a Cooper’s Hawk came into our yard and swooped down on a Black-capped Chickadee, all part of the circle of life. It took some time and walked about on the fresh-fallen snow, leaving its graceful tracks. I am grateful that the birds come, and recognize that sometimes we are witnessing the beauty and the natural cycle of nature, and other times, our intuition tells us that we had better sit up and listen to the messages from Source.



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