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Soul Retrievals: Journey to Wholeness, contd.
by JoAnne Dodgson

Missing soul pieces are not lost forever. They are held in safekeeping in the spirit world. They can be reclaimed when you are ready to call them back. Although modern-day psychology and other approaches to health don't address these dynamics, indigenous healing traditions offer ceremonial processes for retrieving lost pieces of your soul.

moon mask by Sue Miller

In the unique ancient ways of KaTaSee, the soul retrieval ceremony offers vital healing along with self-empowering tools. Through a guided spirit journey, you seek out, find and reclaim your own soul pieces.

It is not necessary to recall or relive the history of the traumatic events in order to heal. The focus is on reclaiming and retrieving what got left behind. The soul retrieval ceremony offers first-hand experience of your personal journey to wholeness, a self-acquired healing, an unshakable knowing to be carried within you.

The skills and knowledge acquired through this unique spirit journey open up the opportunity to pursue soul retrievals on your own. Once experienced and learned, the soul retrieval journey can be repeated as often as you choose to reclaim diverse and essential aspects of your being--awakening potentials to feel whole again, to live fully in the vastness of who you really are.

In your wholeness, you have everything to live for. No longer distracted by endless searchings to fill up the emptiness, you are free to cultivate happiness from the inside. Feeling the abundance of your own being, you discover the abundance of all life. There's no room for scarcity and not-enoughness. Re-membering your very essence and re-weaving your connection with all that is, soul retrievals are sacred homecomings.

Learn more with JoAnne Dodgson at the Wise Woman University.

~ Manifesting with the Moon ~

'Manifesting with the Moon' invites you to explore the unique energies and opportunities in each moon phase during one complete lunar cycle, one mo(o)nth.

With the moon as a guide, you will engage in an organic manifestation process which begins with claiming your intent, giving voice to your visions and dreams.

Learn more about this online course and register here.

~ Shaman's Circle ~

'Shaman's Circle' offers opportunities to deepen your understandings of the path of the shaman and to integrate these ancient ways into your everyday life.

Each lesson offers discussion of unique aspects of the shaman's path such as bridging the varied dimensions of reality, living in balance with natural cycles and creating sacred ceremony. Each lesson guides you in opportunities to discover and enrich your innate connection with the web of life on the mother earth and in the world of the spirits.

Learn more about this online course and register here.